Winners Selected from Giveaway

And the giveaway is over! I want to thank everyone for entering and showing your support for Krita. The amount of comments and love that is being shown for Krita is out of this world. With the 400+ entries, there were over 20,000 words that were written. The developers spend a lot of time helping people with issues related to Krita, graphics drivers, or tablets. It is refreshing to see that a lot of people are enjoying Krita the way it currently is.

Now for the winners…

  1. John Hattan
  2. AJ2600
  3. Waru
  4. Sam M.
  5. Otxoa

Congratulations! I have your email addresses and will be contacting you shortly. I ordered the copies last week but they haven’t arrived yet. I will sign and ship them off as soon as I can.

Any Other Way to Get Free Copies?

I lose at pretty much all giveaways that I enter like this. I also know that for some of you, a large reason you are using Krita is because it is fee. This was your only shot. Paying for a book of any type is out of reach at the moment, no matter what the cost.

For those of you that really want the education and cannot afford the the book, there might be another way to get it while supporting Krita. Did you know that many libraries will get you a book for free if you just ask them for it? I cannot speak for most countries, but I know this works in the USA. They don’t charge you for anything. I have done this recently with other books. Some library websites will have a request form that you can ask for books. If you fill that out, they usually respond back and let you know when/if it comes in.

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  1. I didn’t win, but I wanted to thank you again. Great way of making publicity (both for your book and Krita), and cool gesture!
    The sample looks great, in content and overall quality. It deserves a big success!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Time to make the order for my paid copy… :)

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