Digital Painting with Krita 2.9 Book Giveaway

The book giveaway is over. You can check out who won here.

Digital Painting with Krita 2.9 has been released and what better way to celebrate than having a book giveaway!

I have spent the past year writing and compiling information on how Krita works. There are wiki articles and YouTube videos, but many of them are old and incomplete. I thought it would be helpful to have a single author that could focus on writing. Someone that can explain all of the latest features that Krita offers from end-to-end. I have packed as many tips, explanations, and shortcuts as I could learn.

Check out the book sales page to learn more about why I wrote this book and what is included.

You can buy the book now on many online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Search for “Krita” and it should be in the search results.

Rules for Giveaway

I am giving away 5 autographed copies of Digital Painting with Krita 2.9.

Add a comment on this post to enter the giveaway. In the comment state why you like Krita, or why you want to learn Krita. Make sure to include the correct email address in the required field. I need that to contact you when you win.

Some of the profits from the book will be donated back to the Krita Foundation. This will help add new features, fix bugs, and continue to make Krita even better.

This giveaway ends at the end of the day on November 4. Because of all the countries and time zones, the deadline will spill over to November 5 for many .

5 people will be chosen at random from the comments. For selecting the winners, I will go through all the comments and have a random number generator pick 5 numbers. I will make a follow-up post stating the winners. The winners will be contacted individually to get their mailing address.

That’s it! Make a comment and wait to hear more.

If you want to check out the book. You can view the table of contents and first two chapters. This PDF is from of the book, so the ebook will not be formatted this way. The ebook is in a ‘reflowable’ format so it will show up well on multiple devices. The formatting isn’t as pretty, but all of the content is still there. The table of contents has a pretty good overview of the topics that are covered. The book is available in ebook ($9.99) and print format ($39.99). These are retail prices, so you will probably find it cheaper depending on what site you visit.

Side Note: I have to manually approve the comments (which I do in bulk). If your comment doesn’t show up immediately, it just means that I haven’t clicked the approve button yet. It will be ok!

Update 11/3/2015: If you decide to pick this up on Amazon, it is a DRM-Free ebook. Every distributor works differently, but at least Amaazon gave me the choice to decide. I just updated the description on the ebook product page. A few people have also expressed interest in a PDF version of the ebook. The EPUB version was made so it works better on more devices like smart phones and e-ink readers. I know it doesn’t look as pretty as the samples, but that is a compromise I had to make when using the EPUB format.

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  1. I’ve just discovered Krita from Kickstarter, a little after they’re funded. Then it occurred to me that David Revoy (I’m his fan) is using Krita for his creations. Which is super amazing! Wish I could do something like that, especially it’s open sourced. (Don’t have $ to get the other popular software brands, you know which ones I’m talking about). Hope I get this giveaway, which I bet will be amazing as well.

  2. I really want this book since I just got my wacom tablet and i really want to know more about digital painting. im investing my experience on Krita. please me :)

  3. I’ve discovered Krita since about a year and a half and every update keeps amazing me. The team behind it is so dedicated and they truly understand what artists need. It’s almost unbelievable that this program is free because it can definitely compete with Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter and all the other programs on the market. As a college student, Krita is a Godsend gift.

    I wish to learn more about Krita because I want to master it completely, learn everything there is to know about it, so that one day, it could be my only go-to program for digital drawing/painting. The user interface is very intuitive, and I love experimenting with all the different tools and options, but experimenting only gets you so far. I’d love to have some type of guideline for everything that can be done with Krita and seeing as the two first chapters of this book already provided me with a lot of very useful information, I decided to enter this competition ^^ So, in any case, I also want to thank you for putting the two first chapters online!

  4. I use free software for image creation and manipulation. I want to learn Krita more efficiently. Krita is a very good drawing program.

  5. I’m still not much experienced with Krita but I hope it’ll change soon :) Because this program seems to be very useful and pretty done – I love the reference picture tab! :3

  6. Krita allows the most fluent drawing of all the free programs I’ve tried. And it’s “lighter” than Photoshop (not to mention it costs less 😛 ).

    I really like the linux-folders-like layers management where a group layer is also a layer, not only a container (so it can have filters and mask applied on it).
    The brush presets system is also great – u can set up a few types of brushes u need in certain work/style, group them by using tags and quickly switch between them, without having to manage all the options every time u need to change brush.

  7. For many years I’ve been using GIMP as my default software for digital painting and image editing.

    Since last year I’ve been gradually migrating to Krita, but i still do’nt have a vast knowledge of the software.

    I believe the Krita is a powerful tool that will assist me in my personal and professional works .

    Krita is awesome ! And I want to know all about it .

  8. Krita brush engines are superior to Corel Painter or Photoshop which was the main reason to switch over to Krita. It also has a very good user interface to focus on painting rather than having to learn the program. With every new release there are real improvements which not every software vendor can say.

  9. I want to learn Krita, because i want to support this new age way, to make things easyer and free! Free art! Inspiration for all!

  10. I’m thrilled to have found Krita! I’ve used it to paint the cover of my kids book! And It was a fun experience. But I have so much more to learn of Krita. 😀 Thank you for writing your book to help us take advantage of all that Krita offers.

  11. I would like to win Krita because I know that it will be helpful for me. I am an Architecture student and I think I need it so much. Thank you for this chance to win! ☺♥

  12. My love for Krita is a mix of my hobby of painting, and my philosophy, as a future software engineer, to support free software !

  13. I’m slowly trying to teach myself to work with Krita and I already love it. Imagine how much that love would increase if I actually knew what I was doing. :-)

  14. As a young, aspiring manga artist, it is challenging for me to find a program that is not only free to use, but offers tools similar to those of other programs on the market. When I discovered Krita, I started to learn how to use it, and it opened up a world of new possibilities. For me, Krita was able to fulfil all that I was looking for in a drawing program, and even more. I am able to experiment with things I had never thought possible before, and I look forward to the possibilities in the future.

  15. Really enjoy painting and drawing with Krita. Find it very user friendly.
    Will buy your book and one to give to a friend even if I win one.

  16. awesome program; need equally awesome learning material!

  17. Krita is an amazing free and open source (in all respects!) tool for digital artists, I think the best I’ve ever seen, rapidly growing to compete even with Photoshop in many respects – this is why I love Krita so much. I’d love to learn Krita because I’m a hobbyist 2D and 3D digital artist aspiring to become better, and at the same time I’m a big-time advocate and supporter of FOSS, so Krita is my tool of choice for drawing and painting! :)
    Thank you so much for writing a book about it! ^^

  18. I am totally new to digital art, and I like Krita because it is user friendly and free. I believe this book will help a lot of people learn not only about krita but also how digital painting works.

  19. It’s better than GIMP.

  20. I did most of my past work by hand, I have dabbled in digital programs before like gimp and photoshop. I came across Krita and I love the user friendly interface. I am still learning it since I only recently got back into drawing again. Its a wonderful program!

  21. I would say it was love at first sketch when I saw the Krita’s interface. I wanted to learn more about the program but there wasn’t anything available that would help me grasp it easily. This book will definitely be a great help!

  22. Krita is a new Star of Hope for painting software and this is a new another best choice for all artist.

    I need this tutorial for better for my artwork.Thanks.

  23. In the process of searching for a new drawing tool software, I came across Krita and think that the features are awesome and user friendly. But I could use some book guidance since I just started using the software exactly a couple of days ago. I also desire a copy of your book to motivate me to get back into drawing more and restore my creative abilities. Above all to also teach my kids about the new technology of drawing and sharing with my mom who hasn’t drawn in years+++. Who knows she might become the next digital drawing Grandma Moses! lol

  24. What I like about Krita? For one, it’s the fact that it’s a great drawing program, right at the top with the most expensive ones. And better than most of them in many ways.
    It works very well. It’s got the right tools. It’s flexible, customizable, loaded with goodies. It doesn’t get in your way. It’s not just program to make art with, it’s a piece of art in itself.
    And it’s still getting better!
    The fact that it’s available to everybody, those who can, and those who can not contribute money or work, just makes it so much better.
    Even on different systems.
    It’s never all roses, of course, with no piece of software. But Krita has a lot of them. Lots of roses, for any one looking for them!
    Thank you all who make Krita.
    Thank you for also doing this book.
    Of course I’d like to sign up for the giveaway

  25. Hi, I am new to digital art, and I like Krita because it is user friendly and free. I believe this book will help a lot of people learn not only about krita but also how digital painting works.
    Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  26. I simply love Krita, and it’s unique basis around drawing and sketching rather than image manipulation, and fixing, but I constantly get lost in the interface, or forget to how to do something…

  27. WOW! Amaising work 😀 I would love to get a book about krita as it has potetial and it is more interesting than photoshop for painting and so much more user friendly. Sadly, I did not get through all it’s fonctions and it would be a boost in my carreer to know all these useful tricks!
    Thousands of Bravos for this amaising work 😉 It’s very motivating :)

  28. I love the fact that a high quality software like Krita is available to every human being on this planet at no cost! :)

  29. I love Krita because it’s the perfect light multitasking wonder-tool which is 1) super intuitive and easy to grasp (at least most of the main things any enthusiast needs quickly) 2) light on the cpu (when you run a bazillion other background apps (youtube for music, vlc for distraction, firefox for references) and 3) jam packed with awesome natural feeling brush tools without the need to get extra side packs from third party providers – i love how the pencil feels and looks like a pencil – same for ink and chalk.

  30. I love Krita’s brush engines. They’re the best of all the painting programs I’ve tried. As a developing artist with inordinate aspirations though, it would help me a lot to know more about Krita than just layers and brushes.

  31. Krita is my door in the world of digital painting. I love to draw with it and with your book i hope to get better and better!

  32. I like Krita because it is not intimidating and is easy to learn. I have a basic understanding of how my favorite brushes work and learn something new every time I work on a project. I appreciate the effort your team puts into making this software.

  33. I have been painting and digital painting for a very long time. Photoshop has been my tool of choice for the vast majority of time. Krita has been designed and built for people like me, some of the features save so much time.

  34. I would love to get a copy of this book. Right now I have a love/hate relationship with krita, particularly the brushes. I love all the choice, but I keep getting lost in all of the options.

  35. What I like about Krita is not only that it’s a full-featured, high quality digital painting application, but that it makes digital art accessible to anyone with a computer (as opposed to incredibly expensive commercial alternatives). Krita is fantastic in its own right and the community around it is awesome. :)

  36. Ever since I found the program I have loved it so much. I don’t have to program hop anymore. <3

  37. Krita is awesome! I’ve just started to use it and I’m loving it! Really looking forward to the upcoming features!

  38. It’s really hard for me to say how much I love this program, but if i were to say it in one phrase it would go like this. Krita is an extensions of who I am it understands what I like in an art program and as I grow as an artist it grows with me too. I really am grateful for the developers of Krita for making this awesome program and for having kiki be such a cute mascot :3 HM… guess i was not as hard as i thought it would be. And i cant wait to learn more :)

  39. Krita is one, if not the, best FREE art program out there. It truly is of rare quality. It has so much to offer that it just blows my mind. I am A young aspiring manga artist, and I use Krita for my comics and illustrations. It has so much in it that its difficult to figure it all out on your own. And from what I know, it seems to just keep growing. Krita is truly underrated and deserves more then its given. ^^

  40. I mainly like Krita because it is platform independent but still has a lot of features, so I don’t think it’s any worse than photoshop(and it is constantly improved). Also, I really like the brushes

  41. Krita is the most powerfull app of open source and I like it , i’m used Krita in the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
    But I found a mayor problem bug Krita in Ubuntu . cursor mouse invicible when to change size brush to small :( . and everything it’s okay and not problem with me :)

  42. I like Krita because it’s a powerful program with lots of cool features and brushes, as well as the cost of $0.

  43. Neat! I guess because Krita has developers who actually listen to the needs of their users. It has motivated me to be more active with testing and bug-reporting so it can become even better.

  44. I don’t know how to say thank you and Krita developers. First time when I tried Krita, I was impressed with the full features but ease to use this peace of software. But you are totally right, not enough tutorial out there and your book is a great help. I hope I can have more knowledge and talent like all of you, to creative and then give my passion of using Krita to my people. Some day I will write Krita book in my language. Thanks again for your hard working and giving it away.

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